Ganaraska Forest:
Historical roots of
Ontario Conservation

Ganaraske (Fr.) - Iroquoian (Cayuga) village - c. 1660 -
"the spawning place"


History 1
History 2
E. J. Zavitz
Chief of Reforestation
V.B. Blake
Pioneer Historian
Blake's Ardfree
A.H. Richardson
Dr. R.C. Wallace "Wallace of Queen's"
G.M. Wrong
History Prof./Author
Lois James
hampion of Rouge













Elizabeth Bacque - aunt of V.B. Blake
Murray Johnson, President Rouge Valley Foundation
John C. Carter, Museum Advisor - Ministry of Citizenship, Culture
Carl Thorpe, retired Manager - Heritage and Libraries Branch, Ministry of Culture
Mark Peacock, Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority
Pam Lancaster, Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority
Larry and Evelyn Hall, Port Hope
Bernadine Dodge, ret. Archivist, Trent University
Paul Litt, Dept. of History, Carlton University
Peter Stokes, Architectural Historian
John Bacher, Author
Cathy Richardson (Daughter A.H.)
Ed Borczon, Forester


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